In December 2017, I started recording my first album, ‘Maps’, at the wonderful An Tobar on Mull.

I had an absolutely brilliant time recording with Hannah (Fisher) and Sorren (Maclean), and of course the magician of music himself, Gordon Maclean. Plenty of late nights, strong coffee, inspirational views from the window and great ideas (especially the banjo I never knew I needed…).

While it could be true to say that recording at An Tobar is so magical that I deliberately spun out the recording process by a couple of years (sorry Gordon!), in truth I have spent the last couple of years avoiding dry land.

Winter recording calls for cardis and coffee

Instead, I have been hopping between places I never imagined I’d visit, working on three different sailing yachts- from a ‘Hippy boat tied together with string’ to two very lovely Oyster yachts.

As a self-proclaimed ‘home bird’, I never thought I’d spend so much time away from Scotland. Every time I come home, I realise how lucky we are to have unrestricted access to the outdoors and really feel it helps ground us to be surrounded by such magnificent nature.

‘Maps’ reflects the interconnectedness of nature and landscape with navigating through our lives and, to me, nature being a constant in my life, even when everything else is changing.

Gordon overseeing some ‘wee tweaks’ (or last minute lyric writing!)

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